About us

We are a specialist technology recruiting firm dedicated to connecting the brightest and best STEM talent into the most exciting opportunities across the World’s most renowned scientific led quantitative hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and high growth start-ups.

As an organisation, we seek to combine our 20+ years of human expertise in tech recruiting best practice alongside a data led research driven methodology to unearth, connect and engage with the most exceptional calibre of technology talent across the industry.

Practice areas


Software engineering


  • Low Level Systems Engineering
  • Backend Application Engineering
  • Front-end/Full-stack Application Engineering

Computing Infrastructure


  • DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering
  • Platform Engineering
  • Systems Engineering – Linux/Windows

Quantitative Strategies


  • Machine Learning
  • PhD/Post-Doctorate Researchers
  • Quantitative Research Engineering


Our management style is focussed on results and building an environment that lends itself to growth.

Sanj Pic (df6eec0b-2178-4f64-956e-1f081d45f35f)

Sanj Mahendran


Brett Levene


Join Us

We are hiring! Whether you’re just at the beginning of your career, you’re an experienced Head-hunter/Salesperson within another industry or you’re ready to hit the ground running with an already established background in technology recruiting – we want to hear from you!

We have an endless appetite to engage with hungry, driven, and competitive sales professionals who possess a high emotional IQ.



Personalised Training & Development

You’ll get a career roadmap built on day one with a series of individualised short and long-term targets. On the job training along with external team-wide sessions held by industry recognised sales performance coaches. 


Stunning Co-Working Office Spaces

We’re part of the WeWork community – which means world class business & wellness facilities (lunch time yoga power hour!) right on the doorstep of the very best of Central London’s entertainment scene.

Free Beer Everyday

Recruiting can be thirsty work…!


Incentives & Rewards

We are driven by performance and firmly believe hard work and effort should be recognised and richly rewarded. We offer an industry leading commission structure with no threshold. For those who deliver, expect all-expense paid exotic holidays, trips to Michelin star restaurants along with an annual ‘Top Performer’ award, a luxury watch of your choosing.


Career growth

This isn’t just the chance to build a lucrative career – it’s also the opportunity to play a leading role in scaling a business. If you’ve proven you can deliver and you have a great idea, then we want to be the launchpad for your ambitions. We’re on a collective journey and want you to have skin in the game.

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